Backstage with Kathy Gamboa: Actor in The Mousetrap

I fled Iowa to join the U.S. Navy, see the world, learn a trade. 10 years later, I stayed in the Bay Area rather than go “home”, because this is my home, no snow!

I started “theatre” by messing around with voice acting in the late 1990’s and started Improv with SRCT’s own Improv U in 2009. That grew into a role in SRCT’s 2009 production of Every Christmas Story Ever Told.  That role of John/Joan, provided a much needed outlet for me to be the “Norelco Santa”, Gustav- the “Green Nosed Reingoat” (copy right issues with Rudolf, so a reingoat), a pirate, Jamaican, participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade…well, a LOT of characters.

I enjoyed it so much I continued with SRCT’s Improv U and “graduated” to doing stand up comedy. I love stand up, but sometimes working in a club where most the guys make jokes about body parts isn’t….well….fulfilling. So I returned to Improv and heard about this non-singing (thank you, thank you, thank you) role as Mrs. Boyle in The Mousetrap.

I researched Mrs. Boyle on the internet, talked to a lot of people, I know the role will be a stretch for me, but I think I can do it well. Really well.

This cast is fabulous and I love the directors, Brianna & Channel. Please come out to see this wonderful production!


June Improv Show
By Kathy Gamboa

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