Backstage with Taylor DenBroeder: Actor in Play On!

Well, I’m finally making my acting debut after an almost-10-year hiatus and I couldn’t be more excited!! I’m playing Aggie, the stage manager, who apparently just isn’t able to get everything together, amidst guiding a confused and ill-prepared cast. I’ve been a part of almost every aspect of theatre here at San Ramon Community Theater including producing, scenic designing, sound board operating, stage managing, and teching/ moving set pieces. And the best part is being able to act as a character that is pretty much just me in real life. I get to act alongside one of my best friends, hopefully allowing our camaraderie to shine through, as we are the best production team there is!

My parents have always pushed me to get more involved with theater from an early age, seeing it as an important outlet! In fact, when I was in first grade I played the “Steel-Eyed Fox” in a class production of Three Little Pigs and my parents thought it was a great role to help me deal with my anger issues! Fast forward through a few other productions to my senior year in high school when my best friend, Brianna Grabowski, was in a SRCT production of Cinderella. She came to me and asked if I wanted to run lights for the show, which I was freaked out by, but agreed because isn’t that just what friends do? I slowly began to find that every night I got more and more intrigued by the whole theatrical process. I went from there to Sleepy Hollow, to Treasure Island, to Robin Hood, to the Holiday Show and loved helping with every show.

I had wanted to audition for Play On! solely to support Ariel, to be in a show directed by an amazing actress and friend! However, when the time came for auditions I had just been offered the opportunity of an internship, so I decided not to audition, and honestly, part of me was relieved as I’ve always felt very awkward acting in front of people. But, the night of auditions, my buddy Kai texted me and was pretty disappointed I hadn’t auditioned. So, I got to thinking and decided that if I was ever going to get back into acting, it’d be working with friends and under a friend. So, I texted Ariel and went to callbacks, read for Aggie, and got the part! How surprising that she’d want me to play a sassy stage manager, that doesn’t sound at all familiar!

Finally, after weeks of rehearsals, set builds, and memorizing it’s opening night!!  It’s been a while since I’ve been such a combination of nerves and excitement. Can’t wait for everyone to come see it, it’s a great show – and don’t make the same mistake as Phyllis, always say “Break a leg” not “Good luck” because “good luck” is bad luck to say!!



By Taylor DenBroeder


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