Backstage with Andrew O’Mahony: Actor in Play On!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Andrew O’Mahony, and I’m playing the character of “Louis” in SRCT’s upcoming show, Play On!, which is a show where our actors perform a play within the play, and illustrate everything that could possibly go wrong!

The last time I wrote for this blog, it was as a backstage tech for SRCT’s production of Sleepy Hollow.  It was a complex set: with lots of different objects and props to move around and keep track of, there wasn’t a second to relax! Thankfully, the show itself was a pleasure to watch every time, and the catchy music is still in my head!

Since then, at SRCT I have played the shy but kind-hearted football player “Dan Villa” in Happy Holidays Musical Revue, the dashing, quick-thinking man of the forest, Robin Hood in Robin Hood, and the rough “Captain Smollett” in Treasure Island.  Each character was very different, and opened the door to my own discovery of “layers” in acting emotions, to use some director-speak 🙂

I have been with SRCT since 2013. Before that, I had last acted when I was 10, in my elementary school’s production of Bye Bye Birdie, performed at the Dean Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek. As chance would have it, I would return to the Lesher this past January, as a nominee for a Shellie Award, for my performance in Robin Hood. This was SRCT’s first experience with the awards, and it was a hit! Rene Saroukhanoff, who played “Little John”, and I got to perform one of the fight scenes from Robin Hood on the big stage, plus the cast of Sleepy Hollow performed the opening number for the show…it was a total blast. Furthermore, our very own Jeff Rackmil, who played Robin Hood’s nasty Sheriff of Nottingham, took away an award, and as he couldn’t make the ceremony, I had to go up and make the speech! If there was ever a time to know improv and ad-libbing outside of a performance, that was it!

The character of “Louis” in Play On! is an interesting one: he’s a slightly older man who constructed most of the technical side of the fictional theater: the sound, the tools, the sets, etc. He’s stubborn in his older ways, most notably still using a reel of magnetic tape to play the sounds for each show, and making said sounds entirely by himself!  Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to fully understand the process of rehearsing, and there are many occasions where he tends to space out and forget that the actors have a show to perform.

Outside of theater, I like to do yoga…well, actually, I do that inside the theater as well, if I have room backstage during rehearsal for a quick handstand or half moon pose! Keeping the mind and body fresh helps with memorizing lines! I also like to run, swim in a pool or a big giant lake or ocean, play baseball, skateboard, paddle board, and generally anything that keeps a part of me moving!

I hope you can come out to see Play On! and our future productions! It’s always a blast to perform for you, for your energy makes the whole show move!

FullSizeRender (2)by Andrew O’Mahony


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