Backstage with John Dunn: Producer of Play On!

I was introduced to San Ramon Community Theater last year during the production of Robin Hood, where I assisted as a coach for stage combat and as a fight coordinator. You can even read about it in my previous blog post I wrote about my experience doing that, as well as my history in theater up until that point. Teaching actors how to safely perform stage combat was a blast, and now I’m up for a new challenge since school ended.

During my time in college I’ve acted in short plays, along with directing projects and building sets for plays such as Translations and Measure for Measure. So when the director of the upcoming production of Play On! asked me to be the producer, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. I’m hoping my experience in tech and the skills I gained from San Francisco State will put me at an advantage when tackling on the responsibilities of a producer at SRCT. Although I haven’t produced before, I am confident that I am up to the challenge. This is an exciting chapter in my life in the theater and look forward to putting on a successful show, and I’m excited for you all to see the work we’ve done.​




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