Backstage with Ariel McIntyre: Director of Play On!

Here I am again, writing a blog post for you all to read. Last time I was in this spot, looking at a blank Word document and contemplating what interesting things I had to say, I was on the other side of the spectrum than where I am now. Before, I was writing from the perspective of an actor in the show, now I’m here writing this, and a few things have changed. Mainly the fact that now I’m on the other side of the stage, putting on my big girl pants, and taking on the role of directing this hilarious show.

As I stated in a previous blog (which you should totally read if you haven’t!) I got my start in the theater world in high school just as a fun extra curricular activity, but nothing too serious ever came out of my little high school. My real love of this crazy and collaborative world was actually in college when I went to Los Medanos College and took a production class where I tried out for a show called Anna in the Tropics. I didn’t get cast, but instead of just being thrown into the group of techs and set builders, the director Nick Garcia pulled me aside and asked me to be his assistant director. I had never directed before, just acted, and was obviously a little apprehensive. But he assured me he wouldn’t have asked me unless he knew I was up for the job, so I accepted. And boy, did I learn a lot! Enough that when LMC put on 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, I put on the hat of assistant director again.

We’ll fast forward for the sake of time, but believe me, I could tell you all about the crazy times I had chasing down actors, making sure they knew their lines, and overall how it was to work with and mentor people who would become good friends of mine. I had never really thought to direct a show on my own, especially since I had really gotten into the groove of acting in back-to-back shows with SRCT. It’s definitely a whole other world when you’re the one acting. But when Kai Aikawa mentioned at the end of our production of Robin Hood that they were looking for a director for the spring show for next year, she basically hinted that I should do it.

So now here I am, crazy enough to say yes. And now that we are into our second week of rehearsals after a grueling week of character development work, I am happy to say that my reservations about initially taking on this responsibility have faded. I have a great cast and a great team of people behind the scenes to help me navigate this journey. I’m excited for where this show will go, and excited for everyone to see the work that has already gone in.

Make sure to grab your tickets for this fun romp about a community theater trying desperately to put on a disaster of a show! You’re not going to want to miss this!


Ariel McIntyre


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